Fresh Seafood Products

fresh caught fish on iceAt Mattes Seafood, our product variety and quality is unmatched.  From fillets to shell fish, we sell only the freshest, finest food.  Your restaurant patrons will savor the succulent lobster, direct from Maine, the opulent oysters, from Massachusetts and Maryland, and the delectable crab that’s both fresh and packaged under our own Royal Blue brand label.  All of our seafood is personally purchased and inspected by the knowledgeable owners of Mattes Seafood, who have taken restaurant seafood delivery to a new level.

fresh raw scallopsWe offer both fresh and frozen products from our state-of-the-art warehouse in Aberdeen, Maryland.  Here, we receive product shipments, inspect, portion and package every piece that comes in, then we ship out to our customers daily.

Our product offerings run the gamut of fish, and if we don’t have something, we’ll get it for you.  Choose from:

  • fresh, pasteurized and frozen hard-shell and soft-shell crab, including our own Royal Blue brand
  • live lobsters, as well as lobster tails and meat fresh and frozen
  • quality fresh fish fillets delivered dailywhole or portioned fresh fish in all varieties including salmon, tuna, swordfish, Mahi, catfish, Chilean sea bass, rainbow trout, striped bass/rockfish and snapper
  • frozen whole or portioned fish
  • shrimp
  • scallops
  • shellfish both in-shell and shucked
  • squid, fresh and frozen
  • caviar
  • sushi- and sashimi-grade fish
  • smoked fish