Our Facility

The newly renovated Mattes Seafood facility houses over 25,000 square feet of the latest technology for seafood ordering, processing and distribution. We order and accept shipments of fresh fish every single day. These fish are thoroughly examined and carefully cut and packaged before sending to our customers throughout the area.

hanging fishThe quality and consistency of Mattes Seafood begins as the first trucks arrive in the early morning hours with deliveries of fresh fish. Every shipment is monitored for temperature control before it is even unloaded from the  truck. If it is not to specification, it doesn’t enter our building. Lobster shipments are checked for mortality and those that pass the test are transferred to our live lobster holding tank, a self-contained system that holds 6,000 pounds of live lobster.

Other fish, such as salmon , tuna ,sword and etc…, are first graded and processed , taken to the cutting room where they are cut to our customers’ specifications. They are processed in the cutting room by expert cutters who specialize in individual  techniques for each type of fish. The completed fillets are then specially packaged with food touch paper, to prevent bacteria and increase shelf life.

State-of-the-art, temperature-controlled coolers store hundreds of thousands of pounds of live product such as oysters and clams, and an on-site freezer handles more than 100 pallets, giving us the ability to act on market opportunities.

Our warehouse packers give painstaking attention to detail as they choose the various fish to fill each order. Trucks are loaded in the early morning ours and depart for customer delivery. The efficiency of Mattes Seafood doesn’t end there. The remains of fish  are placed in large recycling bins and picked up daily by a cat food company for use in its food.

Once the trucks are released and the remaining fish placed in the coolers, the entire facility is cleaned from top to bottom. Every surface in the cutting and filleting rooms are washed and every floor is scrubbed. We pride ourselves in keeping our facilities clean and running at peak performance.

Meanwhile, orders are being taken and new fish purchased in the office overlooking the warehouse floor. Banks of high definition monitors show activity throughout the facility, as well as a running spreadsheet tracking orders. The latest ordering software and technology are combined with the personalized service of Mattes Seafood management, who are never more than a phone call away.

Our doors are always open! Email mmattes@mattesseafood.com to schedule a tour.

fresh cut fish fillets on a table