About Us

Mattes Seafood is a story of generations of seafood experts and entrepreneurial spirit. From a great, great grandmother who started a seafood carry-out business and two great, great grandfathers who sold oysters door-to-door in Baltimore, we built the traditions of freshness and unmatched customer service on which we pride ourselves today.

Our goal is to provide ocean-to-table freshness with every delivery. We choose only the finest product from all over the world, and we process and package them to our customers’ specifications. We do business with some of the finest vendors we in the seafood industry. They understand that not only their reputation, but ours, is on the line every day. In addition, we believe that every customer is one of our partners. We concentrate on freshness and satisfaction, every delivery , guaranteed !

In addition, we make every effort to practice environmental sustainability. Our fish bones from filleting are donated, our packaging is made from recycled materials, we use DEF in all of our trucks to make them environmentally friendly, and we offer a box-buy-back program to encourage recycling of cardboard boxes. Learn more about the Mattes Seafood Advantage here.

mixed seafood display on ice