Our Very Own Brand: Royal Blue Crab

At Mattes Seafood, we pride ourselves on having the most delicious crab meat you can buy.  We are so particular about our crab meat that we created our own brand:  Royal Blue .  It’s a simple concept with big benefits.  We know that in addition to fresh crab, there’s a significant demand for packaged crab product with a longer shelf life.  With the right packing and processing techniques, that product can taste delicious, too.  With Royal Blue brand crab meat, you’ll get the Mattes Seafood quality  with every delivery , guaranteed !

Behind the Royal Blue label is what we consider the finest crab, caught at the peak of the season.It’s carefully screened for quality, professionally picked and painstakingly packaged in state-of-the-art facilities.  Royal Blue brand tastes fresh and delicious every time. Please ask you sales representative about other Royal Blue products.


Royal Blue Packaged Seafoodmattescrab